Meet the people
behind Entropica Labs

We are building a world-class multi-disciplinary team in sunny Singapore.

The Team

We are hackers, makers, problem-solvers

Tommaso Demarie

CEO & Co-Founder

In his previous life, Tommaso studied theoretical physics and did research on quantum information theory and quantum computing. Today, he very much loves the neverending struggle of wearing too many hats at Entropica.

Ewan Munro

CTO & Co-Founder

Ewan is a theoretical physicist with a strong interest in algorithms, benchmarking, and product building. He enjoys travel, reading, and real ales.

Joaquin Keller

Head of QML & Co-Founder

Joaquín started coding when he was 10 years old, he later studied theoretical computer sciences and went to do research in distributed algorithmics. He now aims at hacking quantum computers.

Nur Shahidee

Quantum Developer

Shahidee is an inquisitive physicist who has a wide range of interests from cosmology to finance. In his free time, he enjoys reading on self-development, world-building and working on coding projects.

Vishal Sharma

Quantum Researcher

Vishal has an academic background in Physics with a strong research interest in the Physics of Quantum Computing, and Quantum Algorithms and their applications. He is a tech enthusiast who enjoys sports and is interested in linguistics.

Leonardo Disilvestro

Quantum Algorithms Scientist

In the previous decade, Leonardo has graduated as a theoretical physicist from the University of Edinburgh, managed to earn himself a Ph.D. in quantum information theory from Telecom ParisTech, and has successfully learned how to code and be a programmer.

Shermaine Shi Min

Business Strategist

Shermaine has an academic background in Biomedical Engineering. Having worked at both tech and pharma companies in the past, Shermaine has a keen interest in Business and Technology.

Olivia Lee

Business Strategist

Olivia is pursuing an undergraduate degree in computer science and engineering at Stanford University. She loves learning about the science behind emerging technologies like quantum computing.

The extended Family

Our past Entropicans

We are currently hiring for technical and scientific roles at all levels

If you would like to find out more about the roles, check out our job page on Notion.

Quantum Information & Error Correction Scientist



Full time

Quantum Optimisation Scientist



Full time

Quantum Machine Learning Scientist



Full time

Quantum Software Developer



Full time

Business Development Intern




Our Advisors

Peter Rohde

ARC Future Fellow & Senior Lecturer at UTS, Sydney. When not designing quantum technologies, climbing mountains, rock walls, abseiling into canyons or composing electronic music.

Victor Canivell

Victor Canivell is a quantum physicist with a successful track record of VicePresident level executive positions at US-headquartered IT corporate vendors and as CEO of IT startups in Europe. He loves kick-starting new things.

Enrique Lizaso

Enrique Lizaso is a Mathematician who has spent decades in the Financial world as Deputy-CEO of a European Commercial Bank. He has raised several Startups, both in the Healthcare industry and the Fintech sector. He is mad about real deep-tech.

Elia Stupka

Visionary leader and executive with a passion for global innovation in healthcare and life sciences, with a strong track record in AI and personalized medicine. His passion is to find rapid but concrete ways to transform healthcare to radically improve people's lives globally.

Our Investors

We are proud to be backed by some of the most visionaries and ambitious investors in Asia