Meet our team 

The Founders


Tommaso Demarie (CEO)

Tommaso is a physicist with more than 8 years of experience in quantum information and computation. He received his PhD from Macquarie University, Sydney, in 2014, and then worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Singapore University of Technology and Design and at Singapore's Centre for Quantum Technologies. He has published more than 10 research articles on quantum physics, with a focus on quantum gravity, quantum relativistic information, and cloud quantum computation.


Ewan Munro (CTO)

Ewan has a PhD from the Centre for Quantum Technologies at the National University of Singapore, where he worked on modelling and computational simulations of quantum optical systems. He was also a visiting scientist at the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona (ICFO), and has a Masters Degree in Mathematical Physics from the University of Edinburgh.

The advisors


Victor Canivell, PhD, MBA Managing Director at the Quantum World Association.

Victor was the CEO and Chairman of Integromics, a leading bioinformatics software supplier for genomics and proteomics solutions, which was acquired by PerkinElmer. He has decades of experience in multinational IT roles, including as EMEA and India Business Director for PerkinElmer, where he oversaw unified analytics products and services across R&D, transnational research, and clinical trial operations.


Enrique Lizaso, Phd, MBA Deputy CEO OmnixHealth, and President of the Quantum for Quants Commission at the Quantum World Association.

Enrique has a PhD in biostatistics, and a highly interdisciplinary profile. His expertise includes genomics, genetic screening, healthcare, and finance. He co-authored a review paper on the application of quantum computing to finance. 


Peter Rohde, PHD ARC Future Fellow at University of Technology Sydney.

Peter has a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Queensland, and worked at the University of Oxford as a post-doctoral researcher in quantum computing and quantum information theory. Peter has co-authored more than 50 papers in the field, and his research interests include linear optical quantum computing, cluster state quantum computing, fault tolerance, and the application of quantum random walks to implementing quantum algorithms. He works closely with experimental groups to design and optimise experimental realizations of quantum information processing protocols.