William Cappelletti

Quantum ML Scientist

William is a research scientist in Quantum Machine Learning. He is obtaining his MSc at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland), with a major in Applied Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science. He has a solid statistical background and programming knowledge, which put him at ease with cutting-edge Machine Learning techniques.

Eager to learn and motivated to find new ways of applying what he knows already, he is working on the development of new ML models to leverage the power of quantum computation. At Entropica Labs, he found a stimulating environment, where he can tackle challenging problems, surrounded by motivated people. 

In his free time, he cultivates his sports passion. He has been a competitive skier for many years, after which he became an instructor. He also took part in many trail running and ultra-trail races and he is a rock climbing enthusiast. This love for sport reflects William's character. He is very determined and resourceful and, even when a challenge becomes daunting, he looks for a way to accomplish it.