Vishal Sharma

Quantum Researcher

Vishal received his formal education in Engineering and Physics at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India and at the Ludwig Maximilians Universit├Ąt Munich, Germany respectively. Prior to joining Entropica Labs, he worked in a Quantum Optics Laboratory at ENS, Paris. He learnt, first, about Quantum Computing as an undergraduate, and has since then been passionate about realising useful Quantum Computers. At Entropica, he studies the physics of these machines and explores the benefits of having a lower level (and finer) control over the qubits.

When not thinking about Quantum Computers, Vishal, likes to keep up with the progress of Classical Computers i.e. Gadgets. He loves to learn about the origin and evolution of languages, human migration patterns and tracing common origins. He appreciates minimalism in design and art and practices the same in choices and ownership. He likes working in a team which encourages cross-learning and is highly collaborative.