Meet the passionate people that give life to Entropica Labs.

People are the raw energy of a Company. Entropicans are physicists, makers and problem solvers, who strive to create a culture where it is more important to get it right rather than being right. We organise regular discussions to present ideas, share knowledge and stay updated with the latest results in quantum computing. Our Idea Clubs provide opportunities for everyone in the Team to learn new skills, engage with one another and continue in our growth.

1 - Tommaso.jpeg
Tommaso Demarie

CEO & Co-Founder

2 - Ewan.jpg
Ewan Munro

CTO & Co-Founder

3 - Ulrike.png
Ulrike Bornheimer

Optimisation Scientist

4 - Leonardo.jpg
Leonardo Disilvestro

Technical Product Manager

5 - Jing Yi.jpg
Jing Yi Chan

Business and Operations Lead

6 - Shahidee.jpg
Shahidee Nur

Quantum Developer

7 - Vishal.JPG
Vishal Sharma

Quantum Computing Scientist

8 - Adrien.jpg
Adrien Vandenbroucque

Optimisation Scientist

9 - Rajesh.jpg
Rajesh Mishra

Quantum Computing Scientist

10 - Shao Hen_edited.jpg
Shao Hen Chiew

Quantum Computing Scientist

11 - Meng_edited.png
Meng Hua

Quantum Computing Scientist

12 - Anita.jpg
Anita Durr

Quantum Apprentice

13 - Ezequiel.jpg
Ezequiel Rodriguez Chiacchio

Quantum Computing Scientist

14 - Katharina.jpg
Katharina Prantl

Business Strategist

Our Advisors

1 - Peter Picture.jpg
Peter Rohde

Quantum Computing Scientist

2 - Victor Picture.jpeg
Victor Canivell

Quantum Computing Scientist

3 - Elia portrait.jpg
Elia Stupka

Quantum Computing Scientist

Our Investors

We are thankful to be backed by some of the most visionaries and ambitious investors in Asia.


We are hiring the next generation of talents in quantum computing

Our mission is to do the best with quantum computers, every day. We are expanding our core team in Singapore, a booming hotspot for quantum technologies research, to continue improving our capabilities. 

This is an incredible opportunity to contribute to the early stages of Entropica while working on cutting-edge projects in quantum computation and applied mathematics. Our positions involve a combination of research and software engineering, so they can be adapted to the skills and interests of each member.