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Optimisation |with> and |for> quantum computers

Using quantum computing to solve the hardest enterprise optimisation problems, and using optimisation to advance the performances of quantum computers.

Making quantum computers useful

We create the models, algorithms and software tools to do the most with quantum computers, every day. Our Entropica Optimisation Suite (EOS) provides a unified framework to run, test, deploy and benchmark classical and quantum optimisation algorithms.


How we can help

Whether you are a large enterprise, a startup, or a company building quantum hardware, we can help you. Our enterprise business offerings include education, identification of quantum computing use cases for your organisation, and applied research to implement optimisation workflows. 

A hardware-driven approach

We design our software to work on the most advanced cloud quantum computing platforms, to ensure a smooth integration, testing and benchmarking across workflows, models and computing systems. And every quantum algorithm we code runs on actual quantum computers.

We work with quantum and classical computing systems of:

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